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Ana  Pollak



Ana Pollak lives and works on Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River.

She began her art studies at the Byam Shaw School of Painting and Drawing in London in 1976.

From 1977 - 1983 Pollak created a sculpture program for children at the North Rocks School for Blind Children, Sydney.

From 1978 - 1980 she studied at Alexander Mackie School of Art and went on to make the animated film "Cathedral Forms” between 1981 - 1983.

For several years after 1988 Pollak was involved in community actions to protect the Hawkesbury River Environment.

From 1993 - to the present, she and her partner and painter David Collins went on extended drawing and painting trips across Australia.

From 1997 Pollak carried out several community art projects sculpting in stone and timber.

In 2007 she was awarded the Dobell Prize for Drawing which allowed her to work full time on her drawing.

From 2009-2011 she made the animated film “Flux”.

From 2015 to the present Pollak experiments with painting clay slips and oxides on plywood.

In 2017 Pollak was granted an arts residency in Hong Kong with the Nock Art Foundation where she met traditional and contemporary Chinese calligraphers.

In 2019 Pollak created the animated portrait “r”, a portrait film.

Currently, Ana is carving and painting.

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