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Ana Pollak - Post

Ad Infinitum

 Ad Infinitum opens 6th April 2024 to 27th April 2024 at Defiance Gallery, Mary Place, Paddington, Sydney

Ad Infinitum, is about the transitions in our environment from the past, to the present and into the future, with out ending.

The paintings all start with a grid, symbolic of the man-made world. Additional layers and erasures suggest new environments shaped by the natural forces of rain, rivers, wind and fire. They are works of hope that our earth will repair and replenish itself in the future.

Ad Infinitum will be shown in the upstairs gallery at Defiance Gallery, Mary Place, Paddington, Sydney and runs from 6th - 27th April, 2024l. During this time an exhibition of sculpture by Alison Coates will be held on the ground floor gallery.

A quarter of the artist’s sales from this show will be donated to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.


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