Ana Pollak - Post

‘r’ a hand drawn portrait film

A still from the film 'r' by Ana Pollak

Over most of 2019 I made “r”, an abstracted hand drawn portrait film of a friend to explore feelings of world weariness.

For “r” I wanted the line quality to be energetic and spontaneous. However, dynamic drawing is not an easy fit with animation as this medium requires meticulous and minimal transitions between each image. I ended by employing the simple process arrived at for my previous film “Flux” ( see Flux post ) to achieve fairly free line in “r”.

All the drawings were made free of any digital device. To reference the changes between each frame for “r”, a video monitor was used.

All the drawings were carried out in the Gingerbread Man suites. The editors Craig Deeker and Walter Radcliffe helped to expand the layering in “r” in post production. The sound artist Micheal Harding created the deeply resonant soundscape for the film.

‘r’ is available on USB drive. For more information contact Ana.